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Kalamazoo Gazette (Kalamazoo, MI)

It can take a long time for a person to become the person they are as an adult, but if Ryan Clifford is any indication, you can be Dave Matthews in less than a decade. Clifford has cast himself in the role of Matthews for the last six years or so, when he started the Dave Matthews Tribute Band in Buffalo, N.Y. By phone from Chattanooga, Tenn., where the band is now based, Clifford said that the goal of his band — a tribute band for a band that's still arguably relevant...Read More


The Corner (Auburn, AL)

Last Saturday night the Dave Matthews Tribute Band, hailing from Chattanooga, Tenn., paid a visit to SkyBar. Ryan Clifford, the lead vocalist, had a voice reminiscent of Matthews himself, while drummer Bennie Montgomery, base player Lee Vacaro, violinist Nate Demana, and Chris Whiteley on woodwinds brought variety to Auburn. The guys...Read More


The Times-Picuyane (New Orleans, LA)

It's tribute band mania at the House of Blues! Tonight, the Dave Matthews Tribute Band headlines at 10. Next Friday, it's ZoSo, billed as "the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience." Who are these guys and why do they do what they...Read More


Argus-Press (Chesaning, MI)

Two tribute bands played at the Chesaning Showboat Music Festival Saturday, despite threatening weather looking to rain out another night of concerts. Vertigo USA, a U2 tribute band, and the Dave Matthews Tribute Band, took to the stage Saturday night as the rain grew stronger. The Wednesday night Sugarland concert was canceled because of thunderstorms. Instead of canceling the show, it was decided to move Vertigo USA to stage two next...Read More


Indiana Daily Student (Bloomington, IN)

Real fans of Dave Matthews Band understand what their concerts are like. It usually entails a weekend of camping out, no bathing, little sleep, endless games of cornhole, constant debates with neighbors on the best Dave song and an ever-fresh can (or bottle, if you prefer) of your favorite cheap college beer. Then the concert starts, usually after many fresh bottles or cans, and the night becomes an almost religious experience...Read More


The Denisonion (Granville, OH)

It surely was not Dave Matthews himself you heard in the Roost last weekend singing "Crash Into Me" and "The Space Between," but at least it was something of the sort. The Dave Matthews Tribute Band, although far from the real deal, gave a spot-on performance minus the occasional lyric-mishap. Even though only 20 students initially made up the crowd, they were immediately won over by the imitation Dave vocals....Read More


The Cornell Daily Sun (Ithaca, NY)

The first time Ryan Clifford heard The Dave Matthews Band, “It was like an awakening.” AlthoughClifford had never picked up a guitar before, what better way to connect with the music he loved than to start a band and play their songs?...Read More


Kansas State Collegian (Manhattan, KS)

Ryan Clifford, lead singer and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Tribute Band, said he and his band travel the country playing shows. Clifford said he enjoys being a professional musician because he gets to meet so many people. "To be able to play in front of four or five hundred people a night is a real treat," Clifford said. Clifford said the songs that make up the band's set lists include mostly those songs heard on the radio....Read More


Connect Statesboro (Statesboro, GA)

The Dave Matthews Tribute Band will be coming to Statesboro on April 13 to perform live at Retrievers. They travel nationally and perform at a wide variety of venues. College towns and hot-spots are where they attract their main audiences. But they play at weddings, casinos, and bars, just to name a few. The group has been together since October 2004 and has been traveling and touring ever since. They feel that playing Dave Matthews' music allows them the ability to travel and tour the country while still making a good living. ...Read More


Joplin Globe (Joplin, MO)

Respect for the artist, respect for the music, respect for the fans. Those are three of the major things that the members of the five-piece Dave Matthews Tribute Band try to show each time they take the stage. The tribute band will be the featured act today during the 21st anniversary celebration at the Kitchen Pass, 1212 Main St. “This band’s whole goal is to create the look and feel of something that’s so powerful in front of 20,000 people and put it in front of 500 people,” said Ryan Clifford, who fronts the Nashville-based group. “It almost adds power to the show.”...Read More


The MSSU Chart (Joplin, MO)

What began as a hobby has become an occupation for 25-year-old Ryan Clifford, the leader of the Dave Mathews Tribute Band. In the third performance of their spring tour, the Dave Mathews Tribute Band will be coming to The Kitchen Pass March 16. Mike Pawlus, owner of the Kitchen Pass, said this special performance is a mark of the Kitchen Pass' 21st anniversary. "It's going to be awesome," Pawlus said. "We've been putting on shows for the last 18 years. We like to pop big shows once in a while."...Read More


The Enigma (Chattanooga, TN)

What initially got you interested in music?............................................... As crazy as it sounds, Dave Matthews. I guess all through high school I was listening to more urban, rap and R&B, stuff like that. I had all my friends at the time listening to all this other stuff. They were constantly saying, “Listen to this band”. Dave Matthews was a name that I kept hearing over and over. This is mid to late ‘90s when he was really starting to pick up. So I finally one day bought an album....Read More


The 11th Hour (Statesboro, GA)

The Dave Matthews Tribute Band, based in Chattanooga, TN, has a single goal: to recreate the dynamic stylings of Dave Matthews in intimate venues for the fans. I spoke with Ryan Clifford of the band, who has sung and played guitar for DMTB since 2004. How does one decide to join a tribute band? In Ryan's case, it was the music he learned to play guitar by....Read More


The LSU Daily Reveille (Baton Rouge, LA)

The Dave Matthews Tribute Band is decisively un-rock 'n roll. At the Chimes, they ordered water, lemonade and coffee before their show at the Varsity Theatre on Wednesday. Clifford talks about the formation of the band as though it was a smooth business deal, meeting the needs of supply and demand. DMTB began when the Dave Matthews Cover Band broke up. Clifford said he decided to form a new cover band in September 2004. "It fell into my lap," Clifford said. "They broke up and left a lot of places like this all over the country, beautiful venues like the Varsity. I put together a band of the best musicians I could find."...Read More


Entertaining U (Jacksonville, FL)

The Freebird Live beckoned as I set out in the quiet, warm after Thanksgiving night. My mission was to cover the Dave Matthews Tribute Band—a group that has been receiving a lot of positive press lately for its improvisational excellence, a part from its Dave Matthews-styled tribute focus. The Dave Matthews Tribute Band turned out to exceed its billing as a quality improvisational band that uses Dave Matthews material as themes to improvise...Read More


The Daily Beacon (Knoxville, TN)

Fans of The Dave Matthews Band will be able to enjoy some of their favorite tunes from the group, as The Dave Matthews Tribute Band performs at Blue Cats tonight. Hailing from Buffalo, N.Y., the five-piece group began forming in September 2004. Ironically, the group formed after the dismemberment of another major Dave Matthews cover band from Georgia. Lead singer Ryan Clifford saw this as an opportunity to form his own cover band and began recruiting members shortly after that group disbanded....Read More


The River City Times (Peoria, IL)

Is it live or is it Memorex? Is it Dave Matthews...or is it better than Dave Matthews? You tell me, as The Dave Matthews Tribute Band, hailing from Buffalo, NY, takes CEFCU Center Stage Saturday night. This 5-piece group brings not only the musical expertise to recreate one of the most exhilarating live shows on earth, but also bring an abundance of energy onstage night in and night out, keeping the crowds blood rushing through their veins all night long. ...Read More